Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Julie, Julia, Worry and Where is Spell Check?

I saw the movie "Julie and Julia" the other week.  I thought I need something like that to busy my days.  I tend to eat out of boredom and stress and I need to loose 35 pounds.  So, I think throwing a pound or two of butter a day in the mix is probably not a good idea for me.  Most people that know me know a bottle or two of wine, although welcome, is an even worst idea.

For today I will journal.  I have never kept a journal for any length of time so who knows how this will go?  Many people over the years, therapists, sponsors, friends and the like, have all suggested that I journal.  I have gotten beautiful journals, cute journals and plain old journal journals as gifts.  I have bought the perfect journal many times.  I even have the perfect pencil and pen sets but I just don't "do it".

I get hung up on my grammer or worst my spelling.  And frankly, my brain types faster then my fingers are able to move.  To top all that off, my sister and my daughter are english majors.  I always worry my emails, birthday cards and anything at all I have written (except checks) will come back with red marks all over it.  Good Lord, they may even demand I diagram my sentences!

The grammer thing started with my maternal grandma.  She demanded correct english and even had an "ing" box,  If one said fishin' or huntin' a nickel had to be put in the "ing box".  From there downline to my mom.  Mom didn't even allow babies to talk baby talk.  Nope the baby had to ask for "water" not "wa-wa".  None of that damaged me of course, just my ability to write stuff.  And I always fancied myself a writer as a career. However, one has to write to be published!

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