Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Grandmother, the Greyhound Bus and Crocheting

I spent the other day emailing back and forth with my cousin Sally.  We really do not know each other very well because I grew up in Michigan and she grew up in California.  The other day was the first time we have ever communicated with each other.  We had one thing in common, a tremendous love for our Grandma.  I was the lucky one, Grandma lived in Michigan. Sally and I spent the day talking about our families and our Grandma.

Life was so easy back in the 1950's and 1960's.  We lived exactly 100 miles from my Grandma's house.  Starting at 8 years old I was allowed to take the Greyhound bus alone to Grandma's town.  The bus stopped along the way for snacks or lunch and the bus driver would have me sit at his table.  When we reached my destination, there was my Grandma peaking through the open door of the bus.  I was so so happy to see her (It still brings tears to my eyes).  Those trips made me feel so important.  I went on the weekends a lot and spend most of the summers at her house.  (The picture is of Grandmother)

I don't remember watching TV much at Grandmas' but I do remember sitting in "my" recliner next her recliner.  She would knit and crochet all day long and I would sit for hours watching her.  She made so many afghans, to this day I wonder how many she did make.  I was never bored, I was happy to just sit in the same room with her.  When I was a little older she taught me to crochet.  She said, "If you can make a slip knot and follow directions, you can crochet."

I made who knows how many granny squares from her left over yarn.  She had an oval red vinyl ottoman and we kept my crochet supplies and granny squares in it.  I felt so special sitting there crocheting with Grandma and having my very own supplies and ottoman.  I am so grateful my mother saved that ottoman for me.  I still have my ottoman and when I open it I can still smell my grandma.  I often wonder what happened to all the granny squares I made but I am so honored to have my ottoman.

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