Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tried and Tired

It has been an exhausting few days since the "great credit card theft".  I am very sure I now know the who and how.  A couple months ago I purchased a spyware program.  After I paid for it, I found that it was in fact a dangerous program itself.  My grandson had a program to completely eradicate  it from my system.  He did that for me.  I fought back and forth with the company to get my credit card credited.  They finally did that.  And I think they have now helped themselves to stuff at my expense.

Trust no one but yourself.  In my case I sometimes cannot even trust me!  I need to be present at my meetings or my head get screwed up.  I just don't think right.  I over-react and spend time spinning my wheels.  Take evasive action?  Yes!  But for gosh sake don't leave the human race!  I tend to want to isolate and monitor my life from behind this keyboard.  That is not good for this kid.  bbl


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