Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What Goes Around?

I wrote yesterday of my sadness at being defriended on Facebook by my (former) minister.  As fate would have it, I ended the day by deleting a lot of my friends.  I am retired and on disability.  I have nothing of my own and not much income.  What income I have helps pay my medical expenses.  Gratefully my basic needs and some wants are taken care of by a very dear friend.

I went online to pay my bills and bam, numerous charges here and there, that are not mine.  My one credit card was slammed hard.  I use this card for online purchases only out of fear of theft.  However, I bought something locally recently.  I did not feel comfortable giving up my checking account information.  So, I used my online card in that store.  I trusted the salesman in the store but there were numerous people sitting at his desk going through stuff, on the days I was in the store.  In my mind I have narrowed my breach down to that store or one online source.  In reality, it is probably "Bigger then the Beatles", there are bogus telephone numbers associated with the charges.

I will probably never know for sure what, where, why, when, or how.  I do know it sure is a mess.  I am changing passwords, cancelling accounts, and credit cards.  I feel violated.  As a person with huge trust issues to start with, this was a severe blow.  I don't know who or what to trust.  I have deleted people on Facebook I really don't know.  I want to check for a key-logger on my computer but which program is safe and not a spy itself.  And, I am searching for the lesson in it all.  

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  1. Linn,
    God is with you and will ALWAYS be with you. Sometimes we don't know why things happen. Many times they certainly don't seem fair...but for whatever reason, He has a plan. He is leading you somewhere. Keep praying about it, meditate and listen. OFten I don't get the answer until much later...but as the old saying goes...nothing, absolutely nothing happens in God's world by mistake. He's big. He's huge. And He's on YOUR side!!!

    I can appreciate the way you feel. I felt like that when I use to live downtown Adrian. My car was broken into 3 times. The last time, they destroyed my back seat, was just a mess. I too, felt absolutely violated. At the time, I was a temp working at Tecumseh Products. The people I was working with heard what had happened. They took a collection for me (I hadn't been there more than a few months!) and presented me with $200 to get my car fixed. I sobbed. I barely knew this group of strangers and they did something so wonderfully kind. Was it my lesson? Was it someone else's lesson? I don't know. God took care of me then, and He has been ever since! My prayers and thoughts are with you, Linn.

    Love ya, Jen