Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Days Off and a New Friend!

I skipped two days of blogging but... What an awesome Mother's Day weekend! My daughter and her husband, Trisha and Gary, came to visit me.  They got me a very cool "Zelda" t-shirt.  My son Jim called me twice from Iraq, I was gone both times. He left messages and it was great to hear his voice!  He sent me chocolate and tulips. How blessed am I.

For awhile now I have been thinking of getting another dog.  After much research I decided the cocker spaniel is the perfect breed for me.  My ambivalence was the puppy years until two years old.  Do I really want that?  I also wanted to find my new helper at the Humane Society.  Would all those things collide together in my world?  Trisha, Gary and I went to the flea market.  We walked a ton and I wearing down.  As we were leaving we walked by the Humane Society display and lo and behold there was a two year old cocker spaniel! We took her out of the cage and amid the chaos around us, she laid down at my feet!

I pick her up this afternoon.  I will probably name her Keeper.  She is already spoiled to death with everything a girl could possibly want!  PetSmart shelves are empty this morning!  Plus, she is signed up for training through expert.  I would like her to not only become my helper but a help to others.  Keeper and I will train together to eventually become a therapy team.  I am very excited to have Keeper in my life.

A few years ago I was a dog in a cage, denial was my jailer.  My program, the steps and my Higher Power have set me free.  None of this would be possible without those things in my life.  I was also given a bonus this weekend.  My daughter has asked me to accompany her to New Orleans for a couple weeks.  She is going for work.  What an honor to have my beautiful Trisha ask to spend time with this old girl.  None of this is my doing, I just got out of the way and allowed my life to happen.

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